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Hi, I’m Sarah, girlfriend (soon to be wife!), mum, daughter, wonderful friend, cat owner, business owner and blogger!

It wasn’t until Olivia was a year old that I thought about blogging, I have had the most amazing year being a Mum that I kept taking photos all the time to document her milestones and general little adventures that I thought…why not put it all into one place for her to see when she’s older. A more modern photo album for the future.

So along came Instagram, Pinterest & this blog! I love how quick & easy it is to upload her photos on the go and using this blog to document in more detail.

So here is my own take on all things mum related, how wonderful it is, but also the real side to being a parent and sometimes you just want to get away from it all. I may also blog about beauty or lifestyle related topics from time to time too.

I have an Etsy shop too! it’s called Ballantyne Boutique where I sell nursery, home & office digital prints

If you would like to get in touch please email me sarah@abouttheballantynes.com


Some of my posts may contain affiliate links, when purchasing any beauty products please take into account your skin type and make sure you patch test before using.


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